TV Episodes                                                                                

The McMug TV Series "McMug Stories 麥嘜故事"(13 episodes X 25 minutes) was first broadcasted since 1997 on Interactive Television (iTV).It rated among the most popular programs offered by the channel. the series were again syndicated on TVB Jade and a prime time slot. The stories continue to receive high viewer ratings and wide acceptance among the mass public. The video license was sold all over the world.


Movies ~ My Life as McDull (2001)                                       

McMug and McDull were migrated to new platform as animation figure. In 2001, the feature length movie "My Life as McDull" not only gained over US$2,000,000 from the box-office, but also received high praises and prizes in many important film festivals.

"My Life as McDull" won The 39th Golden Horse Awards, The 21st Hong Kong Film Awards, The 7th Golden Bauhinia Awards in 2002. Also, the movie won the "Offical Competition Grand Prize Feature Film" of Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2003 in South Korea and the "Grand Prix (Feature Film) of Festival International du Film d' Animation du Annecy 2003 in France.

It was then licensed to other territories and converted into different languages,including Mainland China in 2003, France, Taiwan, Thailand, and etc. The rating in Chain Star TV is high.



Movies ~ McDull, Prince de la Bun (2004)                                  

The second movie "McDull, Prince de la Bun" was released in the Hong Kong theatres
on June 2004. This movie also received high praises and prizes in many important film festivals.
"McDull, Prince de la Bun" won The 41st Golden Horse Film Awards, The 11th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards. And the most important, this movie gained the "Jury Prize" of The 5th Chinese Film Medai Awards In China.The film was then licensed to other territored and converted into different langages, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, and etc.

With the success of the McDull animation movies, the coverage is high and the rating is high for both Hong Kong and China. Every youngster knows McDull and the specail culture of  Hong Kong.



Movies ~ McDull, the Alumni (2006)                                     

The third movie "McDull, The Alumni" combines animation and live perforance. There are many comices scenes in the film revolving around the theme of "going to work"and "grabbing a bite".

In the animated parts, the pupils of Chun Tain Hua Hua Kindergarten fantasize about their future careers;their aspiration range from doctors or lawyers, to chicken-chopping experts in BBQ meat shop.

While in the live performance parts, the job market of the "real world" mirrors the imaginary
animated realm. Both worlds are presented as just as silly and laughable.Adults are nothing but grown-up kids.

This movie were first showed in the cinema in China.



Movies ~ McDull Kungfu Ding Ding Dong (2009)

This new movie - McDull Kungfu Ding Ding Dong will be scheduled to release in both Mainland China,
Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan during the first quarter of 2009.

The story is about this summer, while some children go to New Zealand to ski,some go to Beijing University to learn Putonghua,some go to Oxford to study English and visit the Harry Potter file set. McDull is the only one left in Wudang to study martial arts.



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