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Regent Lane Ltd is a well-established character licensor & promotion agent
which has been established since 1992.

Major brands represented by Regent Lane includes the following properties:



Character Licensor

McMug, McDull & Friends:
With a dummy look & innocent pesonality, McDull & McMug,as little pigs,
with a heart of inaction but full of joyful philosophy has gain lot resonate of citizen.



Ah Food & Doll Doyle:
Being born to a large family as the 136th son,
Ah Food is a rabbit growing up in a public housing estate,
a dwelling common to millions of Hong Kong people.
Ah Food is fond of expressing himself in poetic ways whcih
provides lots of memories and imagination for the readers.
Excreman is  probably one of the most gruesome cartoon characters on earth.
He is a piece of humble dung that represents all miserable lives,
those who are being despied and desertes.
The character carries message of humanistic compassion and brotherly love.


A Little Bird:
A Hong Kong originated characters.
6 birds of different types live in a forest and form a community.
They represent different musical tunes,started from do,re,mi, fa,so, and la.

Pea n Nuts:
A Hong Kong originated charaters.
Elephants, apple and peanuts are the members of a circus.


Charater Licensee & Promotional Agent:
Unazukin (Bandai)
A Japan originated character which has been owned by Bandai.
This character has a  over 10 different series.
Unazukin is a small fairy who lives under the big Mushroom is a woods.
She likes to listen to the story of her friends. She listens without saying anything,
but only nods silently or shakes her head sometimes



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